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Today’s MOST profitable clinics are efficient and lean. Walk into a Starbucks, Home Depot, Walmart…These businesses are DESIGNED with efficiency and profitability in mind. Make the most out of your usable space to maximize your productivity, keep your overhead low and become outrageously profitable.  Where you place your patient education system, supplement/orthotic display, T-Bar system to exam room, can dramatically affect your flow, income and growth!

Do it RIGHT the FIRST time!

After designing 50+ clinics over the last 13 years, we are offering this new “PRACTICE LAYOUT DESIGN” service.

Attached is an order form that includes parameters and your investment involved. Just fill it out and send it in, and let’s design that dream practice together!

Practice Layout Design – $997.00


“Dr Mike is by far the leader in Chiropractic Practice Coaching”


“We have started using Dr Mike’s Chiropractic Masters for about 6 weeks and we have already seen great results. Dr Mike has really taken a great interest in our success and provides a continuous line of support to our individual practice needs. Our energy has taken a large turn and we have just completed our best month of the year. Dr Mike has among many things completed an office layout for us that potentially will allow usmaximum success and minimal headache. His experience is priceless and having him as a mentor/coach is something we would recommend to every Chiropractor who wants to be a success. We wish we would have started with Dr Mike years ago. We have previously used another coaching system and Dr Mike is by far the leader in Chiropractic Practice Coaching. We can’t wait to begin our journey with you Dr Mike. Thank you very much.”

–          Drs Valerie and David Shahar, Queensland, Australia

Practice Layout  $997

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