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C.E.O & Head Coach


Dr. Mike Reid

C.E.O. and Head Coach of Chiropractic Masters International, Dr. Mike has built one of North America’s busiest million dollar practices, seeing over 1000 patient visits per week. He empowers doctors globally in all dimensions of life and business. His vision is to help Chiropractors serve as many people as possible in a 4 dimensional, corrective and wellness based, Chiropractic lifestyle model…while becoming outrageously profitable.

Dr. Mike Reid

G6 Executive Coaches

The G6 are some of the world’s busiest and profitable practitioners.  These doctors have trained in the Masters system for 6 or more years and exude exemplary skills.

Affiliate Coaching

These doctors are independent affiliate trainers whose work exude the same philosophy, techniques, procedures and principles as that of CMI.  They join us at select Mastery Training Universities to teach their unique and most sought after skills.

CMI Support

These are the warriors behind the curtain that make everything possible.