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Dr. Mike Reid, C.E.O.

Speaker's Package - Prosperity 10x

So many organizations are choosing Dr. Mike Reid, out of hundreds of speakers, for their events, because there is only ONE with the background experience, heart, appeal, performance experience, and knowledge to help build practices and businesses and make lives extraordinary.

Dr. Mike’s VISION is to deliver his message to audiences on a grand scale. With his energetic presentations, inspiration is drawn from his personal, clinical, and entrepreneurial experiences.

His exceptional storytelling abilities share those key values that comprise his vision of prosperity, success, marketing, and philosophy through life mastery.

Dr. Mike Reid is the C.E.O. of Prosperity10X.net, a digital marketing agency, designed to help health care professionals and entrepreneurs attract traffic and build a dominant presence on the internet.

He also runs the annual “Ultimate Caribbean Adventure Mastermind”, which is designed to help entrepreneurs master the world of social media, digital marketing, and business development.

As an accomplished Doctor, a result-driven coach, and a gifted communicator, Dr. Mike brings passion and vitality to his presentations. In the years he has been a public speaker and a coach, he has produced incredible results through his powerful messages to thousands of people all over the world.

Dr. Mike is available for speaking engagements for doctor’s groups, corporations, associations, public seminars, and other events.

Dr. Mike Reid’s success as a peak performance coach, business entrepreneur, and digital marketer has inspired thousands across North America and Europe.

Through his tried, tested, and true business models, Dr. Mike has also created a million-dollar practice for himself and countless clients. Dr. Mike has a massive advantage over many other professional speakers because of his unique and ongoing innovations in today’s business models, which help his clients grow their own businesses with incredible and most importantly, proven results.

Dr. Mike's Speaking Experience Includes:

  • Parker Seminars - Las Vegas, Toronto, Montreal, Dallas
  • CAL JAM - Orange Country. California - 2011, 2013
  • Art and Soul - Calgary, Alberta
  • Pure and Powerful - Toronto, Ontario
  • BB’s Club du Québec - Trois Rivieres, Quebec
  • Mastery Training Universities - Toronto, London, Chicago, Atlanta, Orange County
  • EPOC ( Ottawa, Minnesota, Wisconsin )
  • United Chiropractic Association - Speaker - Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • The Ultimate Caribbean Adventure Mastermind - Keynote
  • Health Experts Alliance - Platinum Keynote 2022

Professional Experience Includes:

  • Head Coach of Tony Robbins Fortune Management’s Chiropractic Division – 2006 to 2007
  • CEO and Head Coach of Chiropractic Masters – 2000 to Present
  • Owner of Hampton Wellness Centre – March 1995 to 2012
  • Owner and working Chiropractor of Courtyard Chiropractic, Turks and Caicos
  • Clinic Director – Health First Chiropractic – Richmond, Virginia – 2014 - present
  • C.E.O. - Chiropractic Masters International & Prosperity 10X
  • 2004 – Certified Fire Walker – Tolly Burkan, - Sonoma, California

Published Work

Dr. Mike has firstly become known as a marketing guru, with his innovative and sometimes controversial teachings. Foremost known for helping practices in marketing, team development, and business growth.

International Expansion

Dr. Mike Reid has expanded his business worldwide, with Chiropractic Masters International – reaching chiropractors all over the world with his message. His global vision is to help make Chiropractic the leading form of health care worldwide, ensuring doctors are successful in both practice and life.

In 2020, he started Prosperity10X.net, a digital marketing agency for healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs, designed to help healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs attract traffic and build a dominant presence on the internet.

Speaking Topics Include:

  • The Purpose, Passion, and Principle for Prosperity
  • The Business Of Wellness
  • Total Market Dominance With Digital Marketing

As an organizer for your next event keep in mind that we want to work closely with you, to ensure the event runs without any unexpected surprises. We want to tailor our program specifically for your group; we will work with your team to discuss your objectives. We will then develop a program that's custom suited to your stated objective. This teamwork approach guarantees that the message you want to be delivered is powerful, effective, and right on target.

Dr. Mike is available to speak in major cities in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. To help us get to know you better, please have the following information prepared when you contact us regarding a speaking opportunity:

  • Are You A Corporation Or Organization?
  • When And Where Is Your Event Taking Place?
  • What Is The Expected Audience Size?
  • How Many Other Speakers Are You Having At Your Event?
  • Would Dr. Mike Reid Be Giving The Keynote?
  • How Long Do You Ideally Want Dr. Mike To Speak For?
  • What Is The Overall Objective Of Your Event?
  • What Is The Overall Objective Of Dr. Mike’s Presentation Within Your Event?
  • How Do You Want Your Audience To Think, Feel, Or Act Differently As A Result Of Dr. Mike’s Session?
  • How Will You Know If You Have Accomplished Your Objectives/Goals?
  • Are You Looking For A Motivational Talk, Or A Content-Driven, Action-Oriented Presentation?
  • What Is Your Budget For Your Speaker?
  • Does Dr. Mike Have A Booth Space To Promote Products / Services?


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