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Hey Doc!

I want to share with you what I believe, from my coaching observations, is by far the most neglected component of a Chiropractor’s practice, and that after 18 years of coaching, is still one of the greatest enigmas I’ve seen amongst Chiropractors.

A number of years ago, a senior doctor joined my coaching program.  On our initial consult, he stated that he needed to make an extra $10,000 per month to play catch up on his taxes.  Most of you would agree that this would be an audacious task.  However, after our 30-minute evaluation, it became evidently apparent that his “back door” was wide open.

Your “back-door” is the retention hole that we’ve discovered in almost every new practice I’ve come across.  You may educate your patient.  You might start them on a care plan…but then what?  Are you implementing objective criteria tests to assess their ongoing progress beyond pain?   Do you re-educate and “re-dip” your patients into a patient education class called the “Anniversary Report”?  Do you get adjusted on average once per week, as do your average colleague around the world?  So if you get adjusted at least 52 times per year on wellness…why shouldn’t your patients as well?

It’s called congruency in care.  That the same premise from which you operate your Chiropractic lifestyle, could and should be the same as that which you prescribe to your patients!  Makes sense, doesn’t it?

So what did my senior client do to quickly add volume and income to his practice?  He followed this simple and easy to implement formula and killed it within 30 days.

Now, if you are consistently following these steps, then congratulations!  Seriously…WOOHOO!  You’re one of few who get it.   If you are not, then you may be leaving a lot on the table.  I’m not talking just about dollars either.  If your patient visit average is low, like 10 to 25, then adding my 3-step Anniversary process to your end of care with significantly up your retention…and your income.

It’s a really simple process of:

  • Individual Anniversary Exam (year-end Comparative Exam)
  • Group Anniversary Report (yup another report…but it only takes 10 minutes)
  • One On One Anniversary Comparative Report Of Findings

My coaching clients around the world have mastered this 15-minute process that doubles your retention and adds an extra $5,000 per month for every 100 patient visits that you adjust per week.  Nice huh?

Anyone using any technique can use these protocols…and patients are signing up for at least a year of care.  Consecutive years become easy and don’t necessarily require an additional group report. We thoroughly go through these techniques at my annual “PROSPERITY International Leadership Summit“.

To get a head start on this protocol, you can find it as a course within Perfect Procedures of my JetPack program or you can grab my FREE “Napkin Project Retention Training Course“.

I Wish You Success In Your Anniversaries And Practice Growth!

Dr. Mike Reid
Chiropractic Masters International

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