How My Dad Helped Create My Business “Sandbox Rules”

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I have this amazing father…you know, the SILENT type.

He speaks to you in body language…
the glance…the knod of the head,
a language that only a father and son understand!

Every spring he bought 10 bags of fresh, straight from the beach
(so he told me) sandbox sand.

It was a massive sandbox that was 8’ x 8’.
I had Tonka toys, bulldozers, pails, shovels…the works!

The problem was, it attracted the neighbourhood kids,
Who loved my sandbox as much as me!

I poignantly remember the day when little Tony Puzutti,
tried to bring the water hose into my sandbox!


There was no way that Tony was putting water into my sandbox!
Absolutely not! Out of the question! Go back home dude!

I remember my dad giving me the look…
just that stern look over his glasses!

“It’s your sandbox…It’s your rules!”

And he walked away!

It was from this childhood lesson that I created my Sandbox Rules.
Rules that govern the operation of my practices and of my businesses.

These rules allowed me to easily identify what was black…
and what was white!

There was no gray, no ambiguity on how to make decisions,
Who to hire or fire, team meeting issues,
Or how to run my practice.

I follow these to this day.
It makes operations runs smoothly
How I hire personnel.
How things get done,
And how we grow!

Can I share that list with you?
to help YOU run a better business?

Print out this list
And let me know how it positively affects your practice!

Download Your SandBox Rules


Dr. Mike Reid

Chiropractic Masters International

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