The Only 4 Ways To Build Your Practice

Have you ever heard of C.V.O.?
It’s called Customer Value Optimization.

Kennedy, Abraham and Deiss have all talked about it.
and it’s the only way to build your practice.

1. Increase The Number Of New Patients

It comes as no surprise that the more new patients in any given month equals more volume, and of course a greater income. Create multiple pillars of new patient attraction in your machine, but make sure you measure your return on investment for at least a 4:1 ROI.

2. Increase The Number Of Transactions Per Customer

We call this your patient visit average or PVA. How can you move this number from the international average of 10? Educate! A Doctor’s Report should be mandatory in every Chiropractor’s office. My split test have reproducibly shown a 4 fold increase in PVA overtime you perform a Doctor’s Report.

3. Increase The Average Transaction Value Per Customer

Up sells, point of sales, wellness care plans and product sales are some of the best ways to increase your average transaction per patient. Ensure your sales are congruent with your values and are of value to your patient’s needs.

4. Increase The Number Of Referrals From Your Patients

When’s the last time you asked your patients for a referral? Health Passes, Family Gift Certificates and business cards are the best and easiest way to build it big. Your patients really do want to refer. My focus groups suggest, they just need the materials to pass along to friends and family.

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See you in Atlanta!

Dr. Mike Reid

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