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Can I share with you 2 practice split tests
That are driving my doctors to a 400% conversion to care
Over the last 23 years in practice
I’ve run multiple tests…experiments, where we change one variable
And look at the results!

Here’s 2 that I’d like you to noodle…that have made outrageous results in my practice!

1.  Doctor’s Report Split Test

It’s not uncommon that many chiropractors don’t take the time to educate their patients
But the savvy ones who do, use a “Doctor’s Report”.
A simple 45 minute presentation
That turns prospects onto Chiropractic.

The results!

We see a shift of patient visit average from 10 to minimum of 40
a 400% increase!
We think so! 

2.  Pay Per Visit Vs Care Plans

Gone are the days of having your patients pay per visit (ppv)
This ppv mentality increases no shows, drop outs and the need for lots of recalls.

Our split tests on care plans of 44 (6 month) and 24 (3 month) care plans
Shows a whopping 300% increase in PVA.

You’d never let yourself or your family get adjusted only 10 times!
Would you!?

The world is changing!
You either keep up…or get left behind!

You can learn all 67 split tests in my new e-book that’s about to be launched,
“The Pisiform Code”
67 Proven Split Tests To Your Million Dollar Practice
Watch for it in November 2015!

Standing for Your Success!

Dr. Mike Reid

Learn more about the art of attraction, conversion, retention and success!

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