NOPE! 8 Things You’re Probably Doing Wrong In Practice!

It comes as no surprise that doctors who are CRUSHING it in practice are following aformula that works in 2014.  There are key pillars that many doctors are missing the ball on.


Here’s 8 critical areas that are MUST haves for today’s successful practices.


1. Websites That Really Work

40% of new patients in today’s market are looking for YOU on the net.  If you’re not in that first organic position, then you’re missing out on a potential 53% of prospects.  Time to get your website to #1.


2. Marketing

For some it’s a dirty word. For entrepreneurs it smells of success.  98% of the population is not using chiropractic services. The possibilities for internal and external marketing tools are endless.  It just takes a little elbow grease and you can build a wildly busy office.


3. Team

You can’t do it alone.  Too many doctors are running their front desk, adjusting, examining and everything else.  It’s time to find personnel who can do, will do, and share your vision.  Learn to delegate to your uniqueness and focus on adjusting, reports, partial exams and outside lectures.


4. Technology

Investing in state of the art technology like digital x-ray, neurological assessment tools like Subluxation Stations and paperless EHR, doctors can streamline their procedures and improve productivity per hour.  Gone are the days of paper travel cards, dipping tanks, and shag carpet (ouch!)


5. Wellness Care

My research has consistently shown that most doctors leave the back door wide open.  Patients are falling out because they think they’re “done” care.  Carefully and well thought out wellness care plans allow patient to enjoy the same level of ongoing wellness care that you and I take for granted.


6. Education
Today’s savvy and well educated new patients, are actually thankful when they are properly educated on the research and long term benefits of chiropractic care.  Gone are the days of adjustments on your exam days and the pay per visit approach.  Have you ever wondered why your patient visit average is so low?


7. Corrective Care

Although not taught in most chiropractic colleges today (some more progressive ones are embracing it), corrective care programs like PSC, Pettibon and CBP are on the rise, because much like orthodontics, we can make structural change and patients actually want it.


8. 5% Rule

My father-in-law once said that the best investment you could ever make…is in yourself.  I wholeheartedly agree.  Take 5% of every dollar you make, and put it into ongoing learning and training, for both yourself and your team.  The return dividends are priceless.

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