Why I Don’t talk To My Barber Anymore & How Using These 50 TICS Can Save Your Practice


We’ve all been guilty of it!


Talking about the weather.

What you did last weekend.

How your kids are.

…or even what you ate last night!

My barber Tony chatted my ear off one day…

And only cut half of my hair.


It was embarrassing walking around for a day with half my head shaved!

Never went back to him. He was fired.

Well, the same goes for your practice doc!

It’s that proverbial…”What do I say to my patient on the table today” issue.


Well, here’s the real deal doc! And can I be brutally honest with you?


If you’re not TIC-ing daily, then you’re KILLING your practice!


I’m very serious! Your patients are either HIRING you or FIRING you.


We’ve all seen it when we’ve gotten too friendly with really great patients,

And then suddenly…they’re GONE!

Can I help you remedy that?


It’s called TIC-ing…as in talking Chiroprac-TIC, with your patients.

And when you’re with your patients that’s all you should be doing.


So years ago I created a “TIC List” that I’d love to share with you.

You can add it to your travel card or EHR or post it on a wall.


I use it as a trigger to ensure during that visit number, I use a “TIC”.


Does it work?

Download Now

It definitely keeps me on task and definitely helps with retention.

Have a go with it and send me an email when you have a record week!

Love & Light

Dr. Mike Reid

Chiropractic Masters International


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