Add 15-20 New Patients To Your Practice With Christmas In The Clinic

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Hey, doc…quick share!

One of the challenges many of my coaching clients face
if a lack of new patients during the month of December.

Here’s a quick share you can use for the month of December,
which utilizes the law of reciprocation to attract new patients.

Step 1 – Christmas Basket

We fill a Christmas Basket with all sort of goodies from Pier One, Home Goods, and Costco. Cheeses, chocolates, wine, cookies…anything that characterizes the Christmas spirit. Try to stay healthy where possible. Plan on spending $400-$500 on this (see the attached photo). Patients get 10 ballots towards the basket when they use the Christmas health pass to refer friends and family.

Step 2 – Christmas Health Pass

I give 2-4 business cards to each patient with a comp exam. They get 10 ballots for every referral that comes in for an exam. You can also get the plastic cards with the faux magnetic strip, from Vistaprint, Square or We use a $200 health pass towards a $267 exam…so that there is a fair exchange of value, but complimentary exams work just as well.

Step 3 – Food Bank

Giving back at Christmas time denotes the true spirit of Christmas. We use local food banks as they are always in need. We ask our patients for non-perishables and give them 1 ballot per food item donated towards the Christmas basket. Prime it with stuff you haven’t touched in 6 months from your own cupboard.

Step 4 – Food Spread

Maybe it’s because I love food or just Christmas, but I put out a food spread of cider, clementines, nuts, teas, cookies at our refreshment counter at this time of year. Your patients are stressed with the holiday season and love the fact they can get adjusted and something to eat at the same time. Any wonder’s it is always the busiest month of my year.

Merry Christmas

Dr. Mike Reid

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