Steal My Practice Split Tests That Increases Conversion By 400% [Part 4 of 4]

I just completed my new ebook, “The Pisiform Code”, available from my new website when I launch February 1, 2016. I took a few invaluable excerpts from this resource that I wanted to share with you. These are split test and observations that I use to build practices worldwide…including my own.


Observation #9. “The 5 Objectives”

I learned an invaluable lesson from one of the top billionaires in the US. He owned then sold, 6 of the top family restaurants in the nation. When asked how he was so successful, he simply replied, “Management by objective!”

Every employee had to know by heart, the companies 5 objectives. If they didn’t know them or have them on a 3×5 card, then they were fired. On top of this, each individual had to know their own 5 objectives, as related to the company’s 5 objectives.

We took this lesson and applied it to our own practices. The results were outstanding.

Every quarter we sat and evaluated our practices’ needs as related to it’s 5 needed objectives. These usually included something on new patients, better conversions, better retention, wellness care and one personal objective. Each team member had to write his or her own 5 objectives on a 3×5 card. These were posted so that every other team member could call them out, if they weren’t following their list.

First create your Vision Board. Then add your 5 objectives to this board for each practice and team member.

“Management by objective works- if you know the objectives. Ninety percent of the time you don’t.”

-Peter Drucker

Target with three arrows isolated

Target with three arrows isolated

Observation #10 “The Vision Board”

What many people don’t realize, is that Walt Disney built his empire, first upon seeing his vision…daily. He had a horse barn, and in every stall there was vision of each and every one of his theme parks. This vision became a driving force and created absolutely clarity for Walt.

Your practice should have a Vision Board in the back room/kitchen/doctor’s office, that lays out 5 key areas of vision in practice: financials, clinical, systems, marketing and organization. By having a picture and concrete goals of every aspect of what you want your practice to look like, you’ll be able to harness the power and law of attraction, to stay focused on your goals, as well as that of your team.

Watch for my ebook, “The Pisiform Code…67 Steps To Your Million Dollar Practice”. Release date is February 1, 2016.

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