How To Write A Magnetic, New Patient Generating Blog [Part 2 of 4]

Anyone can make a blog…but not everyone can make A GREAT blog look professional.  Here’s your first step.

Professional blogs today are designed with a BORDER frame.  I recommend that you get a designer to make one for you that is consistent and contains your brand colors.

Use PICTURES (or videos) at the top of your blog.  Have it fill the real estate across the top of your blog.  You can create a title at the very beginning and even use it as a link.

Make your PARAGRAPHS short.  Research is showing that readers will engage a lot more with 2 line paragraphs versus a lengthy boring diatribe.

Punch your statement words with BOLD, UNDERLINE or ITALICIZE.  This adds more emphasis to your content and keeps readers engaged.

Use LINKS to other articles, blogs or webpages to upsell products, link events or promotions in your practice. It’s a great way to re-purpose older material in your website and keep it relevant.  Links should be bolded, underlined and colored in REFLEX BLUE.

End your blog with a PROMOTION in the form of a picture with a link.  For example, if you have a Special Workshop, link the picture and add a written link to a landing page, where your patient can sign up.  Look below…you’ll get the idea.

Don’t forget your SOCIAL MEDIA icon links as well, at the very bottom.  This allows your patient to use the power of social media to friend your blog to their friends, through their favorite social media.

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