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You want to Schmoooooze  with me?


In PART 2 of my blog, I want to share with you 2 new practice split tests
That are driving my doctors to a higher conversion to care

Over the last 23 years in practice
I’ve run multiple tests…experiments, where we change one variable
And look at the results!

Here’s 2 that I’d like you to try, that have made outrageous results in my practice!

1.  “The Art Of The Schmooze” – Rapport Building

A number of years ago, I had this amazing office manager Marian, who sat in the front reception, schmoozing with patients waiting for their report.  And when I say schmoozing, I don’t mean lightly.  She poured it on.  She sat with them, smiled , laughed, used the power of touch.  It translated into reports that were an incredible 95% closure for 12 month care plans.  Wow!  Was this just a fad?

Fast forward to today in my current practice.  I act as an in-office consultant, helping build the practice.  I perform the Doctor’s Report and while the doctor is doing report of findings, I took the lesson from Marian and “SCHMOOOOZE” to the max.  The results…a 95% closure rate to long term care plans. Hmmmm!

My hypothesis why this works, is because in today’s world, people must first like you and trust you, before they buy from you.  Right brain conceptual based rapport building does just that…it allows us to bond with patients to like and trust, before they buy from us.  How cool is that?

Rapport Building Schmoozing Observation = 95% closure

No Rapport Building Observation = 75% closure

2.   X-ray Versus No x-ray

I may be old school when it comes to Chiropractic, but to not see, is to guess, and I just don’t guess with patient’s health, especially when you’re adjusting their spine.  Over the years I’ve had my x-ray go down…and so have my clients.  The results speak for themselves…a decrease in conversion to care.

I’m not sure how Chiropractors can make recommendations without spinal images.  It behooves us to talk spinal correction, or even care for that matter, when you don’t have a copy of the patients’ blueprint.  My research and surveys over the years have consistently shown the same results.

Increase in conversions with X-ray       21%
Increase in retention with X-ray            43%

You can learn all 67 split tests in my new e-book that’s about to be launched in December:

“The Pisiform Code”
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