“10 Best & Proven Digital Marketing Tools To Grow Your Practice”

It is by far the most overlooked and under-utilized component of most practices…and by using these simple apps, you can massively increase your ROI and simplify most of your practice needs.

I’ve been immersed in the digital marketing world now for over 5 years…it is so AMAZING! There are so many great tools you can use for your business.

Here’s a highlight of some of my favorite that work for Chiropractors.

1. Hootsuite – One of the best social media managers for all your marketing needs is Hootsuite. It’s free for the top 3 social media tools (FB,LI,TW), but I recommend paying the $9.99 per month to preschedule and market through YouTube, Instagram, Google +, and Pinterest.

2. DropBox – This has been a game changer for me, especially for large files like videos. I paid $99 for 1 terabyte of storage, which is massive and we use DropBox to store large files, pictures, videos that my entire team can access…even remotely.

3. Slack/Asana – Here’s a really cool team platform that allows a seamless work flow. Slack allows you to integrate hundreds of different apps, including Asana, which my team uses for monthly projects and communication.

4. Survey Monkey – A great way to survey both your patients and prospects. Simple and easy to use, it’s often just a few clicks to find out what your customers really think.

5. Freshbook – I wish I had this years ago…I could have saved hundreds of dollars from my accountant. You can now do your own online accounting or give it to your admin C.A. to do the work.

6. Zendesk – Are you missing out on patient’s inquiries. A great platform to manage your patients questions all in one platform. We now use Zendesk to manage clients inquiries so that leads and customer service is top notch.

7. SEMrush – Are you getting hammered by Google? Now you can discover what keywords your competitors are using to get traffic, which keywords they are targeting for their PPC ads, and how their traffic has grown over time.

8. Buzzsumo – If you write blogs for prospects and leads, make sure you are writing for people and not the Google bots. This tool allows you to peer into what is being shared and who is sharing what.

9. Canva – My favorite free tool when it comes to creating and editing graphics for your site and social media posts. I use it exclusively for making all my Facebook posts.

10. Google Analytics – Have you ever wondered how your website or advertising is performing? The amount of data and feedback that you can take away, from taking the time to understand what you are seeing, in priceless.

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