Monetize Your Practice With Your Very Own “28 Day Thrive Detox & Weight Loss Program”. Automated…Professional…Designed By A Doctor…For Doctors And Their Patients.

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The “Thrive 28 Day Detox & Weight Loss Challenge” is professionally designed by Corporate Wellness Doctor And 2011 CLA’s Chiropractor of the year, Dr. Cherine Vanwagner. Gain access to the Thrive program, with unlimited patient use for only $67 per month.

When you sign up for the Thrive Program, you’ll receive:

  • An automated Detox and Weight Loss Program that works in practice.

  • Meal planning, recipes, exercises, shopping lists.

  • Marketing materials, order forms and power points.

  • Access to reduced costs from Greens First for protein and greens.

  • Patient easy workouts designed by a chiropractor.

  • E-books for use by patient and doctor.

  • Step-by-step sales procedures to ensure success.

  • And much, much, more!


The "Thrive Detox & Weight Loss Challenge” program is a research driven, proven and tested system that produces patient results, and improved clinical outcomes, without spending extra time or money.

Here’s How You’ll Benefit, When You Purchase “Thrive”. You’ll gain the award winning program that:

  • 1

    Maximizes weight loss.

  • 2

    Builds lean muscle.

  • 3

    Increases energy.

  • 4

    Improves digestion.

  • 5

    Decreases blood pressure.

  • 6

    Manages, prevents, reverses diabetes.

  • 7

    Decreases medications.

  • 8

    Reduces cholesterol.

  • 9

    Improves mental clarity.

  • 10

    Decreases inflammation.

  • 11

    Makes patients look and feel younger.

Thrive is the ultimate detox and weight loss program, designed for the busy doctor who craves a detox and weight loss challenge for their patients, without spending extra time or energy to deliver it.

Challenge #1. We all want to make more passive income, while delivering a quality product to our patients for the betterment of their care.  THRIVE delivers an easy, turn-key program, that has proven results in as little as 28 days, without you spending extra time or effort.

Challenge #2. Patients in today’s world are craving simple and easy techniques to lose weight and detoxify their bodies.  Dr. Cherine Vanwagner has created the ultimate program that’s delivered right to their email.  It’s simplicity of use allows superior results over most other detox and weight loss programs.

Challenge #3. Chronic inflammation is a epidemic in health care today, and one of the leading challenges in patient’s health care outcomes.  Thrive’s nutritional and Greens First program helps eliminate the inflammatory challenge, assists in reducing weight, eliminates toxins, and gets far superior results with your patient’s care programs.

We’ve Done All The Work For You.  All You Have To Do Is Present, Sign Them Up And Click.  We’ve Got The Rest...And The Program Looks Like It’s Delivered From Your Practice.

All You Have To Do Is Log On And CLICK!

  • 1

    Our 6 Category Training Library Is Easy to Use

    Choose whatever subject you want to study, when you want to study. Print off our cheat sheets…make notes…and when you’re finished, simply check the “finished” box and see your completion level for that training subject.

  • 2

    Train As Little As 15 Minutes Per Day

    We can all find 15 minutes per day. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or late at night, the majority of our training sessions are 8-15 minutes long, making it easy for you to study as little as 15 to 30 minutes per day.

  • 3

    Go Mobile

    Our library is mobile responsive. You can take your training library with you wherever you go. Use your PC, tablet or mobile to study with us on the road or even in your pajamas from the comfort of your home. Feel free to download our conference calls as MP3's and listen to them on your mobile or iPod.

Look At What Other D.C.’s Are Saying

“Since starting with Masters we’ve had record month after record month.  I’m stoked and this is just the beginning”

Dr. Benny Mathew, Cardiff, Wales
Dr. Benny Mathew, Cardiff, Wales Cardiff Bay Chiropractic

“I Now Work 4 Days Per Week, Take My 3-Day Weekends Off, Have More Time With My Wife And Kids, And…It’s Given Me MORE FINANCIAL FREEDOM…Because It’s TRIPLED My Practice!”

Dr. Ron Wagner, Strathroy, Ontario
Dr. Ron Wagner, Strathroy, Ontario Wagner Chiropractic Health & Wellness Centres

Here’s What You’ll Receive, When you Sign Up For THRIVE.

  • Thrive Nutrition

    We’ll concentrate on detoxification, reducing inflammatory responses and optimal immune function, by creating an alkaline environment in your patient’s bodies through their doctor lead meal planning.  Eating healthy has never been so easy!

  • Thrive Fitness

    Your patient’s THRIVE Fitness programs will ignite their metabolism and energy levels.   These workouts are designed to help balance their musculoskeletal system and support their chiropractic adjustments.  Your patients can do their workouts anywhere, because they do not require any weights or equipment…just their bodies.  Beginner or Advanced programs have been designed to help your patients maximize their results at the fitness level they need.

  • Thrive Mindset

    Where the mind leads, the body follows!  Your patients will learn how to decrease stress, set goals, and love their THRIVING selves.  Patients can often focus on dieting and workouts and forget that their minds are the  most important piece in the expression of life!

  • Doctor’s Guidebook

    Our unique step-by-step Doctor’s Guidebook walks you through the THRIVE program essentials, the THRIVE 15 foundational Steps to health, our tested and proven THRIVE marketing program, assessment tools and THRIVE patient information.  It’s easy…simple to use…and most of all, super affordable.

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