Do You Use These 10 Hacks To Build Your Practice?

I absolutely LOVE helping doctors build their practice!

It’s what I do…and what I love!

But when I read the plethora of emails from so called “experts”, I see amine field of risky (and sometimes dangerous) recommendations.

I’m a firm believer that every chiropractor should be using ethical and appropriate recommendations for their patients, but you need to know…

What actually works around the world… and that is congruent with the care you and I enjoy (on average once per week).

Here’s a quick practice building hack survey to test yourself and your practice building skills.  Top dogs in the world score a minimum of… 7/10.

Let’s see how well you do!

I use modern technology to test the neurological integrity of my patient’s nervous system

I use x-ray to look for aberrant curves to make corrective & structural changes

I educate my patients on the Big Idea in a “Doctor’s Report” or  “Spinal Care Workshop” prior to recommendations

I use short or longer term care plan recommendations for my patients versus a pay per visit

I regularly check my patient’s objective findings, knowing that pain is only 10% of the nervous system

I use corrective care techniques to make structural changes in my patient’s spine

I reassess all my patient’s objective and subjective changes at the end of my course of care

I offer “wellness care” plans to maintain my patient’s wellness for a lifetime.

I use social media, like FB, LI, TW, YT, G+, P, IG, and a “kick-ass” website to help spread the benefits of chiropractic to my community

I perform regularly community outreach programs like lectures to educate my community about real wellness.

How did you perform?

If you missed the mark or didn’t score at least 7/10…

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