Prosperity - The New Patient Machine & Conversion Seminar

A 2-Day Intensive Mastery Training Event For The Ultimate Success In Chiropractic Practice

Sponsored by the “Halsa Group” and “Chiropractic Masters International”


January 27-28, 2017

Dr. Mike Reid
- The 10 Laws Of Success & Blueprint For The 7-Figure Practice

Dr. Matt Loop
- Social Media Strategies that Multiply Your Impact, Influence and Practice Income

Dr. Mike Henriksen
- Postural, Structural, Corrective Technique (6 hour PSC technique session for $147/D.C.)

Kim Goreham
- Building It Big From The Front Desk With Your C.A.’s

Dr. Cherine Vanwagner
- The Corporate Wellness Doctor

Dr. Ben Mathew
- What Makes Me TIC - The World Importance Of A Successful Practice

Dr. Ryan Rieder
- “Growing Yourself To Better Serve"

“There is an innately powerful driving force dwelling in every chiropractor, that once tapped into and unleashed, can make any vision, desire, practice and life extraordinary”

What if I told you that we’ve put together my BEST seminar to date, and amassed some of the TOP practice builders and success coaches in the industry!

And this is your R.S.V.P. for a front row seat that is guaranteed to help shift your mindset, grow your practice and create outrageous Prosperity!

Have I Peaked Your Curiosity Yet?

What I'm about to share with you may shock you, but no matter who you are, what type of chiropractic business you run, and the years of expertise you have, you are likely not serving as many people as possible, nor making as much financially  as you could be in your practice.

In fact, I’ll bet you are sitting on an extra $5,000 to $10,000 of potential income a month.

We are all so inside our business, that sometimes we need an outside perspective, to see all that is POSSIBLE!

This tunnel vision is everywhere, and smart, successful doctors like you, know it's unavoidable. It's why most companies and organizations have a board of directors, why athletes have coaches, and why chiropractors hire success coaches like me to help them reach their full potential.

Let’s Be 100% Honest.

Day in, day out, we take care of a lot of people!  And running that business is time consuming and expensive…especially if you don’t know what you are doing!

Sadly, most health care professionals end up making very little at the end of the day, doing what they love.  In fact, the average doctor makes less than $120,000.00 gross per year.

I’ve polled doctors over the last 14 years and what is so interesting, is that there are 3 things they all want to improve on:

More new patients! More financial freedom! And more balance in their lives and families!  Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

I’ve Learned A Lot, And Want To Share It With You… At Prosperity

This Is the EXACT Same Blueprint That Helped Me Build The Million Dollar Practice And...

  • Adjust 700 to 1000 patients per week
  • Generate over $1,000,000.00 in revenues… with no insurance or worker’s comp!
  • Attract 60-70 new patients per month
  • Work less than 30 hours per week
  • Enjoy an incredible lifestyle
  • Teach hundreds of doctors to replicate this formula over the last 14 years

Over the years my clients have been begging me to reveal my secrets. I love this profession and truly want everyone one of you to succeed.

I decided to run a program called “PROSPERITY”.  It was originally designed to teach doctors the art and mastery of the new patient machine. It grew into a global phenomenonwhere it started to include millionaire mindset thinking, passive pillars, business models of income and even abundance thinking.

So, I decided to share my secrets for the first time EVER in a one-time only live event that was originally reserved exclusively for clients.  It’s now open to you…our guests.

The truth is, I’m thrilled to see this blueprint working for so many “average” chiropractors, helping them substantially increase their patient numbers and practice revenue.

And to be totally HONEST with you…this program is so EASY to use, new grads fresh out of college, and seasoned doctors are effortlessly replicating my formulas and building incredible practices.  BOTTOM LINE… Anyone can do this, it’s so TURNKEY!

The only event of its kind that unites purpose, passion & business with a strategic plan to help you build a more successful and secure business model.


  • Dr. Mike Reid - C.E.O. of Chiropractic Masters International. Dr. Mike runs an international chiropractic coaching program teaching hundreds doctors the science, art, business and philosophy of running extremely successful practices worldwide.
  • Dr. Matt Loop - Dr. Matthew Loop is the #1 best-selling author of Social Media Made Me Rich, a speaker, chiropractor, and the highest paid social media revenue strategist in North America. He's the president of DCincome, which is the world’s largest social media training company for chiropractors.
  • Dr. Mike Henriksen - Dr. Henriksen runs a successful spinal correction practice in Phoenix, Arizona, and is the C.E.O. of Custom Chiropractic. He has been teaching postural correction technique for over 2 decades, helping doctors make predictable spinal correction.
  • Kim Goreham - President of, Kim is notorious for bumping the front desk new patient flow by 35%, adding more excitement in practice, and massively improving team performance for record practice numbers.
  • Dr. Cherine VanWagner - CLA’s 2011 “Chiropractor Of The Year”, Dr. Cherine runs the world’s most successful corporate program to assist doctors to become corporate wellness based leaders. Her 2015 success acquired 15 corporations and over 200 new patients.
  • Dr. Benny Mathew - CMI’s and UCA’s 2015, “Chiropractor Of The Year”, Dr. Benny is one of the busiest Chiropractors in the UK. His passion, love and drive for Chiropractic has inspired hundreds around the globe to spread the TIC.
  • Dr. Ryan Rieder - One of the most successful Chiropractors in the U.K., Dr. Ryan owns and runs the “Halsa Group. He’s inspired millions as a dynamic and influential speaker on peak performance, wealth and personal empowerment.

Event Details

Friday - January 27, 2017
9:00 am to 3:00 pm - Postural Structural Technique Session - with Dr. Mike Henriksen
5:00 pm to 10:00 pm - General Session
Saturday - January 28, 2017
9:00 am to 6:00 pm - General Session

Windsor, U.K. - January 27, 28th, 2017

Oakley Court Hotel, Windsor Rd, Water Oakley, Windsor SL4 5UR, UK. Tel: +44 1753 609988
Harts & Garter, 31 High St, Windsor SL4 1PQ, UK. Tel: +44 844 600 8731
Christopher Wren, Thames St, Windsor SL4 1PX, UK. Tel: +44 1753 442400

YOURS FREE – Over $2000 in BONUSES When You Invest In Yourself Today:

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    By attending this seminar, I will receive Dr. Mike’s 12 month marketing calendar, chalk full of tons of marketing tools that work in 2016, and all I need to do is stick to my office wall and run with the marketing tools that I choose.

  • 2


    There are 10 key to produce the million dollar practice. How many are you using? Spend 30 minutes with Chiropractic’s most successful resource and discover your strengths, weaknesses and strategies to rock your practice to the next level!

  • 3


    This social media ad guide totally rocked 3 of my practices! Producing up to 271 new patients! When you register for Prosperity, you’ll receive samples that will ads thousands to your practice.

  • 4


    A step by step instructional toolkit that walks you through today’s most powerful screening techniques to magnify your current screening results two-fold!

  • 5


    Attendance over 2 days to listen to a proven leader who will teach me practice success tools that you can immediately implement on Monday morning.

Prosperity presents a 6 hour Postural, Structural Correction (PSC) Technique course with Dr. Mike Henriksen of Custom Chiropractic

  • PSC uses advanced posture analysis and accurate x-rays for patient adjustments
  • Discover how to utilize posture analysis that quickly and accurately detects neurological changes
  • Learn “reversed posture exercises” with combined specific adjustments
  • Gain absolute certainty in each and every adjustment you provide
  • Hands on 3D Drop table adjusting
  • x-ray analysis and #D set-ups
  • Master predictable spinal corrective results of cervical, thoracic and lumbar spines
  • Add PSC to your existing adjustive techniques for maximal curve correction
  • Add PSC to your existing adjustive techniques for maximal curve correction

Course - Friday January 27th from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Investment - $147 USD




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“All fees are in USD” and  “All Proceeds Go To Scotland College of Chiropractic”.

Limited To The First 180 Registrants Due To Space Limitations…Reserve Your Seat Now!”

Listen to What Other Clients Had to Say:

“I now work 4 days per week, take my 3-day weekends off, have more time with my wife and kids, and…it’s given me MORE FINANCIAL FREEDOM…because it’s TRIPLED my practice!” “Before I started with Chiropractic Masters, I was pain based. My practice used to be chaotic, stressed and we were running week to week and month to month. Since working with Chiropractic Masters over the last 10 years, we are having more fun, seeing better results and more miracles. The care plans and marketing have made practice EASY. My daughter is coming on from CMCC. I can’t wait for her to implement these procedures and not have to go through all the mistakes that I had to go through!”

<p style=Dr. Ron Wagner, Strathroy, Ontario

" >

Dr. Ron Wagner, Strathroy, Ontario

Wagner Wellness Centre

“I am truly blessed to have met the people at Chiropractic Masters. Their procedures are honest…their message is congruent with mine!" “I have been coached my entire career and know how important it is. Before starting with Chiropractic Masters, I have to say that my procedures were not clean, we did not have care plans and were flying by the seat of our pants. It’s only been 4 months, and I have seen a dramatic change in my associates, who were afraid of what it would bring. BEFORE, I had to resell my patients every 12 visits. NOW, I present my patients with the TRUTH, and they are staying way longer than symptomatic care. It’s creating a BUZZ in my office…my team is LOVING it and we are creating a well-oiled machine. We are truly changing lives and providing the care that our patients are willing to pay for."

<p style=Dr. Clayton Roach

" >

Dr. Clayton Roach

Roach Chiropractic Centre

“Chiropractic Masters has shown me the way…” “When I first started practice I was not happy. I was never taught how to run a successful practice while at chiropractic college. I was introduced to Chiropractic Masters by a friend and I have never looked back. Now I am more hungry than ever and much more happy with practice, having fun and loving every day with my patients. Thank-you Chiropractic Masters…Dr. Mike for showing me the way!”

<p style=Dr. Melissa Houde, Saint-Lin-Laurentide, Quebec

" >

Dr. Melissa Houde, Saint-Lin-Laurentide, Quebec

"I was inspired by Dr Mike’s passion for Chiropractic and jumped at the chance to work with him in developing my clinic. My clinic was I thought doing pretty well until now. The clinic is rocking bigger than ever! New patients aren't only buying into the principles of chiropractic, but buying bigger care plans and booking their families and their friends. A significant change is that we are now using Dr Mikes Doctors Report! We haven't needed to do any advertising or promo work for months! If you want to create a paradigm shift in your community and welcome families and not just individuals in your clinic, ensure you have an awesome Doctors Report. Dr Mikes will give you confidence to talk tic frankly and honestly, you won't have to sell chiropractic, your new patients will want to buy into the principles and do not question the the care plans. Indeed they are grateful for the knowledge, empowerment and hope they have gained. We at Cardiff Bay Chiropractic UK, are so excited by the future of chiropractic in our area and growing a massive wellness centre in our community with the guidance and support of Dr Mike and Chiropractic Masters.”

<p style=Dr Benny Mathew, Cardiff Bay, UK

" >

Dr Benny Mathew, Cardiff Bay, UK

“Dr. Mike Reid has changed the course of my life…” “Dr. Mike Reid and Chiropractic Masters International changed the course of my life! With his help I have been able to dream bigger and serve more patients than I’ve ever dreamed of doing. I highly recommend his coaching to get you on the road to real success.”

<p style=Dr. Justine Blainey-Broker, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

" >

Dr. Justine Blainey-Broker, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Blainey Wellness

“Dr. Mike has been coaching our office for the last 8 months, and during that time we’ve seen our office grow by 33%, with improved systems, procedures and service. We’ve found that Dr. Mike is flexible, accommodates his coaching style and topics to the most important needs of our office, and provides great inspiration and experience to an already successful office. Any office can go from struggling to good with a little extra effort and accountability. It takes passion, purpose and surrounding yourself with the those who truly call you to something greater - to take you from wherever you are to inspired and extraordinary. ”

<p style=Dr Staci J Borkhuis, Minot ND

" >

Dr Staci J Borkhuis, Minot ND

"We have started using Dr Mike's Chiropractic Masters for about 6 weeks and we have already seen great results. Dr Mike has really taken a great interest in our success and provides a continuous line of support to our individualpractice needs. Our energy has taken a large turn and we have just completed our best month of the year. Dr Mike has among many things completed an office layout for us that potentially will allow us maximum success and minimal headache. His experience is priceless and having him as a mentor/coach is something we would recommend to every Chiropractor who wants to be a success. We wish we would have started with Dr Mike years ago. We have previously used another coaching system and Dr Mike is by far the leader in chiropractic practice coaching. We can't wait to begin our journey with you Dr Mike. Thank you very much."

<p style=Drs Valerie and David Shahar, Sippy Downs, Australia

" >

Drs Valerie and David Shahar, Sippy Downs, Australia

”I work less, I make more money and we’re helping more people” “We were finally able to blow through that barrier and go up to 400 patient visits per week. It was amazing how static and unchanged we were. It’s been absolutely fantastic. Not only are we seeing more new patients, but our collections per visit and overall revenue have skyrocketed. We’ve worked with many coaching services, but have never witnessed such dramatic results so quickly and with such ease. If you are looking to grow your practice, ignite the energy of your team, and become the wellness leader in your community, Chiropractic Masters is your answer.”

<p style=Dr. Cherine VanWagner, Richmond, Virginia, 2011 CLA Chiropractor of the Year

" >

Dr. Cherine VanWagner, Richmond, Virginia, 2011 CLA Chiropractor of the Year

HFC Wellness

“Working with Dr. Mike has excited me and given me the tools and confidence to build the practice of my dreams.” "My philosophy, technique and procedures are amazingly solid and allow me to focus on patient care without worrying about scheduling or finances. Dr. Mike shares his mind-blowing, larger than life vision with his clients and is devoted to assisting and empowering his clients allowing them to explode in both their professional and personal lives.Thank you Dr. Mike; the international chiropractic community is so fortunate to have someone with your staggering devotion, courage and leadership.”

<p style=Dr. Brian Moore, Aurora, Ontario

" >

Dr. Brian Moore, Aurora, Ontario

Moore Chiropractic Group

“Chiropractic Master’s program is the BEST program out there. The material is complete, easy to use, and specifically geared to today’s chiropractic reality” "Dr. Mike has given me the confidence to reach my potential as a person, chiropractor, businessman, entrepreneur and as a provider for my family. It is a must for anyone who is passionate about helping their patients get well, stay well and understand the chiropractic message."

<p style=Dr. Marc Andre Boivin, Laval, Quebec

" >

Dr. Marc Andre Boivin, Laval, Quebec

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We Guarantee To Provide You With Up-To-Date, Simple & Quick To Implement, Practical Strategies To Increase Your Practice, Volume and Income. If after the first day, you don’t believe what you’ve discovered is worth your investment or you do not want to stay for the whole event or you are disappointed in any way, for whatever reason, just discreetly turn in your materials to one of our staff members and whisper the secret code, “I don’t think this seminar is for me!” and you can leave with a FULL refund of your tuition.

No More Sitting On The Fence