How To Blow Away The 5 Senses In Your Practice

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Have you ever walked into a 5 star hotel…

and had your 5 senses blown away?


I have! And those same experiences

can be transformed into your own practice…let me explain!


A few years ago, I walked into a Westin hotel in Seattle.

They had this amazing scent in the air that melted away all my stress.


There was a strawberry infused water cooler that was refreshing on my taste buds. The reception had my room ready in seconds flat, complimented with dark chocolate covered berries.


Do you think I had a memorable experience at this hotel?


Do you think I RAVED about it to my friends?


Do you think I’d want to return next time to The Westin in Seattle.




Here’s a lesson from my travel experiences that we’ve transformed into our practice using the 5 senses that’s revolutionized our practice and our growth.


1.  Smell

Scent is critical in most practices and often either overlooked or forgotten.


Healing scents such as lavender, orange, vanilla can be added to your tables as an essential oil…or even as diffusers in your practice.


The Westin actually sells a diffuser for around $120 that emits their signature scent – White Tea…and WOW is this scent phenomenal.


We put this into our practice and had immediate feedback from patients who were raving about the new scent. It’s healing properties are pretty potent as well.


You can access Westin’s White Tea scent diffuser at

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2.  Sight

Have you seen our practice yet?  If you have you’ll notice that this practice

is absolutely beautiful. Jaws literally drop when patients walk in.


Jamaican mocha wood, grey stack stones walls, large urns with green palms,

accent colours of greys, browns and white trim pull out all the colours. All of this is highlighted with the open concept, comfortable leather sofas, large windows and glass offices.


Absolutely stunning!


And all of this was done under budget and from shopping online. Wicked!


Well done Dr. Cherine!


It creates an open, spa-like, relaxing atmosphere where patients lose their stress and helps in the psychological aspect of one’s healing.


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3.  Taste

How many times have you walked into a spa or store

and were greeted with refreshments. Works doesn’t it?


We wanted to make a statement when patients walked into

our practice with fresh fruit and a fruit infused water station.


Dr. Cherine claims her favourite is strawberry, basil and cucumber.

Try it!

It’s unique!  Patients love it! And it’s memorable!
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4.  Auditory

Please turn off the news!   Maseru Emote, a Japanese researcher
studied the effects of sound on water.
He discovered our intent (thoughts), words, ideas and music
have a profound healing or destructive effect on the water.

Since the human is 70% water — ultimately it means that what we think
creates our reality, not just emotionally but physically.
I recommend music that has a “heart beat” to it.
I love Pandora, Jack Johnson, Michael Buble to start.
Ask your patients for feedback, and check out healing music on YouTube.
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5.  Touch

A challenging one to stimulate, I realized early on, everything from your tables,
head piece, chairs that patients sit in and 4-phases of spinal decay models
can make or break the experience in one’s practice.
One essential kinesthetic experience we’ve used in the past
was the finger in the spinal cord.  When patients put their index finger
in the spinal canal, we would then straighten the spine, thus compressing
the canal and their finger.  This was symbolic of cord pressure on an lordotic spine.
Cool right?  Patients quickly understood the impact of a loss of normal curve.
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Remember to keep these concepts in mind when you are renovating your practice or starting up from scratch.

You can design an incredibly beautiful practice on a budget if you shop online
and do some of the work yourself.
Don’t forget to grab my FREE practice building tools
and 2017 marketing wall calendar off my website at:
Keep Practicing With Passion

Dr Mike Reid
Chiropractic Masters International

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