7 Critical Things You Do To Prevent Someone From Quitting (Part 2)

In part 1 of this blog, I reviewed the “13 Signs That Someone Is About To Quit“, according to the Harvard Business Review research.   It was proactive research on tell-tale signs, that an employee is on the way out…although I’m sure you, much like myself, have had employees who were more than happy to help find another job.

But the good ones!  The employees who are a step ahead of you…the business builders…the ones you wish you could clone.  The real question is how to you keep those awesome employees.

Like you, I’ve gone through a lot of employees, always searching for the next best employee to help skyrocket my businesses.  In all my years of study, I’ve discovered some secret sauce to keeping your best workers for years beyond the corporate average.

So instead of the revolving door of employees, try adding these steps to your next employee hire.

  1. Employee Agreement

It’s been my experience that many business owners will usually hire without an employee contract.  This is a MAJOR mistake, as it opens up Pandora’s box for future problems. Have you had an employee ask for a wage increase, more time off, outrageous bonuses or extra holidays?  Start with the end in mind and have a signed agreement that’s amendable at performance evaluations.

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  1.  Workplace Mandate

Have you ever had lines crossed, confused employees or incomplete work?  Perhaps you left it to memory management!  When an employee has a clear, written job mandate that both of you can review and follow, then the task at hand gets completed.  The mandate can be modified with the job.

  1. Workplace Checklist

“Management By Checklist” is one of the most important tools that every business should use to effectively grow their business.  I’m constantly reminding my employees that there is only 1 thing you have to remember, and that is to look at your checklist DAILY.  Even the boss should have a checklist to review his task list.  By creating “Checklist” for every team member, you’ll prevent overlap and forgetfulness of critical business tasks.

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  1.  Five Objectives

My businesses run on “The 5 Objectives” (watch my video on this HERE).  These are essential practice builders that revolve around attraction, conversion, retention, upsell and social media.  It can be based on absolutely anything your company needs for growth or improvement.  It’s basically written down, with each team member having their OWN 5 objectives, as they pertain to the global 5 objectives of your business.

  1. Peak Performance Evaluation & Bonuses

When was the last time that you had performance evaluation with your employees?  Never! OK, then!  Have you noticed after about 3 months your employees are getting slopping in their performance and checklists and mandates and…I think you get the idea!  Am I right?  If this is a challenge for you, then quarterly performance evaluations will help spark peak performance and allow honest feedback as to their mandate’s prerogative.  New employees get a 30, 60 and 90-day performance evaluation, then quarterly thereafter.  Bonus systems can then kick in at 90 days and should be reflective of growth or improved financials.

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  1.  Team Code Of Conduct

Here’s a game changer for your business.  I set up a “Code Of Conduct” form on our vision board, whereby every team member signs an “agreement conduct form” on how we will conduct ourselves within our business.  From dress code to showing up on time (includes the doctors), to acknowledging patients, to cell phones at the front desk.   The list can be endless, but it usually includes many of the daily hiccups we have been tolerating in the past.  Could you make your own list?

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7. Weekly Team Meeting

 This is by far one of the key pillars of exceptional practice growth.  I’ll be the first to admit, that I’ve gotten sloppy in the past.  Taking hot summer days off from team meetings, only to see those little fires pop up in my business.  By identifying weekly challenges, you can bring them to your team meeting, preferably preparing in advance to work out solutions. This improves team effectiveness, morale, and guidance for your business.

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