7 Compelling Reasons To Become A Social Media Master

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Do you have a grasp on the ever changing world of marketing your practice?

If you’re lost like many of your colleagues regarding social media,

and its importance on taking advantage of this marketing treasure trove…

Then let me give you 7 compelling reasons why you should master this art!


1.  1/1000 Prospects

Every month in your city, there are 1/1000 people using the internet to look for their next Chiropractor. Social media dominance will lead that prospect right to your website, or your practice. If your city has 100,000 people within an 8 km (5 mile) radius, that’s a potential 100 new prospects that could be coming into your practice every month.  Sounds crazy, but Dr. David Zamikoff of Bradenton Florida, (and many others) attracts 40 new patients per week through social media dominance.


2.  42/53% Rule

Research is showing that 42% of prospects will click on and choose that first url position.  Yes, that may be a Google adwords paid position, but I’ll take those 42 out of a 100 prospects any day.  Furthermore, 53 % will choose that first organic position.  Essentially what I’m saying is that you want to be within the first, second or third url position, to be one of the 95% of the “chosen ones”!


3.  40% Bump

It’s been my experience that social media will create a 40% or more bump in your practice, when you focus some of your advertising dollars in this direction. There are essentially 3 levels of marketing and #2 is the internet.  If you have no presence here, then you’re leaving a lot on the table.


4.  Pre-qualified Prospects

Anyone in the marketing world can testify that a pre-qualified prospect makes the best patient. People who are doing their research on the internet are looking for you.  This is in comparison to you reaching out to prospects at screening or talks, which can also be time consuming and expensive.


5.  New Versus Old

Have you dumped the Yellow Pages book yet?  I hope so…because no one uses it.  Anytime that I need a service I reach for Google…and chances are that you do too.  Marketing has changed over the last 5 to 10 years and everything is now going mobile.  Not only do you need your social media to go mobile, but your website MUST be mobile as well.  You can learn more at one of our parent companies www.cyber-chiro.com


6.  Social Proof & Trust

Prospects trust what other patients are doing or saying.  You’re social media must scream “proof” with testimonials, both video and print and extra-ordinary reviews…like on Google+, Facebook and Yelp.  Don’t hesitate to ask your patients to give a testimonial or review, and shoot for 10-12 minimum.  It’s been my experience that these are a necessary component to your marketing.


7.  Staying Connected

The beautiful thing about social media is that you can constantly stay connected with prospects and patients alike.  They may say “No” for now, but with savvy opt-in boxes, free reports, e-zines and email marketing, you can take advantage of a great, low cost way of staying connected, until they are ready to say “Yes”.


To learn more about becoming a social media master, and dramatically increasing your volume and income, click on the social media seminar link belong and check out our annual “Social Media Mastery & Profit Maximization” seminar that we hold every year in the Caribbean.


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Standing For Your Success! 

Dr Mike Reid

Chiropractic Masters International


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